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Are Eggshells Good for Fiddle Leaf Fig | Do You Know

Thinking about, are eggshells good for fiddle leaf fig? They’re like plant food! Eggshells break down into good stuff for the soil. This stuff helps the plant grow better.

Put crushed eggshells around your Fiddle Leaf Fig It’s like giving it vitamins. These vitamins help the plant’s roots and how it drinks water.

Eggshells slowly give the plant food as they break down. It helps the plant stay strong and grow right. It’s like the plant’s special way of eating.

Eggshells aren’t the only thing the plant needs, but they help a lot. They join other things like water and light to keep the plant healthy.

So, eggshells are plant friends. They make your Fiddle Leaf Fig happy and strong! Just like how we eat good food, plants like good stuff too.

Eggshells As Fertilizer

Let’s talk about using eggshells as plant food. It’s like giving your plants a healthy drink and making the soil better at the same time.

Eggshells have special stuff like calcium, potassium, and more. These things are like vitamins for plants, helping them grow strong and happy.

Think of calcium like plant Gatorade. Just like Gatorade helps athletes feel strong, calcium helps plants grow strong roots and become big and tough.

If you want to use eggshells for your plants, here’s what you can do. Crush the eggshells into tiny pieces, like making sand. Then, put these pieces in hot water and wait for a week. Give it a little mix each day.

After a week, the water with the crushed eggshells is ready. You can pour it around the bottom of your plant, just like you water it. The good stuff from the eggshells will slowly go into the soil and make it better for your plant.

So, remember, eggshells are like plant superfoods.

Eggshells And Fig Trees

Eggshells are super for fig trees. They help them grow nice and strong.

Fig trees like eggshells because they make the dirt just right. Eggshells have stuff that makes the soil a little bit not too sour or too sweet for the tree.

If you have fig trees in pots, eggshells are great. They help the tree soak up good stuff from the dirt. The eggshells give the tree what it needs to be healthy.

Eggshells can keep away some bugs but don’t use too much. If you put too many eggshells in the dirt, it takes a long time for them to go away. And animals like raccoons might come to visit.

Fig trees don’t need a lot of food, but eggshells are nice. If you have other plants that like eggshells, you can give them some too. It’s like sharing the good stuff.

Using eggshells for fig trees is safe. They slowly give the soil good things that help the tree grow strong. Eggshells and fig trees get along great!

But remember other plants also like eggshells. Tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and eggplants love them too. They grow better and faster with eggshells. 

Benefits of Using Eggshells for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Let’s talk about something super cool – using eggshells for your fiddle leaf fig plant. It’s like giving your plant a tasty treat that helps it grow big and strong. Let’s check out all the awesome stuff eggshells can do for your plant buddy:

Slow-Release Calcium

Eggshells have a special thing called calcium that plants really love. It’s like the plant’s vitamins for building strong walls and roots.

When you put crushed eggshells in the dirt, they slowly give out this special calcium as they break down. Imagine your plant sipping on a calcium smoothie over time!

Soil pH Helper

Eggshells can be like a pH superhero for the soil. They have something called calcium carbonate that helps keep the soil’s pH just right. Fiddle leaf figs prefer a bit of acidity in their homes, and eggshells make sure the soil stays comfy for them.

Nutrient Boost

Besides calcium, eggshells have other good stuff like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. As the eggshells become tiny bits, they share these nutrients with the soil. It’s like giving your plant a little snack that helps it stay healthy.

Water Magic

Crushed eggshells are like tiny soil architects. They make small spaces in the dirt that let water flow better. This is like a water party for the roots, making them happy and strong.

Pesky Pest Stopper

Some gardeners think eggshells are like tiny walls that keep away bad bugs like slugs and snails. These bugs don’t like crawling over the eggshells, so your plant stays safe and sound.

Planet-friendly Gardening

Using eggshells is a fancy way of helping the Earth. Instead of throwing away eggshells, we’re reusing them to help our plant pals. It’s like recycling plants!

Remember, while eggshells are plant superheroes, too much of a good thing can sometimes be tricky. So, when you want to share eggshells with your plant, crush them into little pieces. 

Then, mix them with the soil or sprinkle them on top. Keep an eye on your plant to make sure it’s feeling great.

Final Words

In conclusion, while some gardeners and plant enthusiasts advocate the use of crushed eggshells as a natural source of calcium for Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, scientific evidence on their effectiveness remains limited. 

Eggshells might provide some minor benefits, such as gradual nutrient release and soil aeration. However, they should not be considered a primary or sole solution for the plant’s nutritional needs. 

To ensure the optimal health and growth of your Fiddle Leaf Fig, it’s advisable to focus on a well-balanced fertilizer regimen, proper watering, suitable sunlight exposure, and overall excellent care practices.


Can I use eggshells for my Fiddle Leaf Fig? 

Yep, eggshells are good for your plant. They have something called calcium that helps plants grow strong.

How do I use eggshells for my Fiddle Leaf Fig? 

Just clean and crush eggshells, then mix into the plant’s soil. They break down and give calcium to the plant.

Can eggshells change my plant’s dirt? 

Eggshells can make the dirt a bit different, but not a big problem. Check the dirt’s sourness sometimes and fix it if needed.

Any problems with eggshells for my plant? 

Eggshells are good, but too much can be bad. Crush them well or it takes time for calcium. The plant might not like that.

Other ways to help my plant get calcium? 

Sure, special plant food has calcium. It’s safe and good for the plant. Use it as told on the package.

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