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Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Like to be Shaken | You Must Know

Meet the fiddle leaf fig! It’s a cool plant with a tricky reputation. People who love plants do a lot to keep it happy. They move it around, give it light, and even use special tools. But guess what? Sometimes, all it needs is a little shake!

Why shake it? Even if you’re good at taking care of your fiddle leaf fig, you might see it leaning. This can happen because it wants more light or it’s growing too fast. To help, just give it a gentle shake.

Shaking your plant does good things. First, it helps it stand up straight. This keeps it from getting lopsided. Second, the shaking helps the plant grow better. It’s like a morning stretch for the plant, moving stuff around inside.

Shaking is like the wind outside. Wind makes plants sway. This makes them strong and grows the right way. Inside, you can make your plant feel like it’s outside by shaking it. That makes it happy and healthy.

To shake your plant, hold its base and give it a soft shake. Don’t be too rough – you don’t want to hurt it. Do this sometimes, especially after it grows a lot. Your fiddle leaf fig will love it!

Why You Should Shake Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Figs are special plants known as Ficus lyrata. They come from jungles in Africa. These trees live with wind, rain, and animals. These things make them strong. When they’re young, they move and grow a lot. This makes them tough. That’s why shaking your Fiddle Leaf Fig is super helpful.

Shaking your Fiddle Leaf Fig might seem strange. People usually don’t shake plants. When you bring one home, they don’t say to shake it. But, if you want your tree to be healthy, shaking it is a great idea.

Moving your plant is like a secret trick. It helps the tree stay strong and live a long time. Shaking gives the tree good stuff and helps it grow. When you move your plant, you’re being a good plant parent.

Fiddle Leaf Figs from Africa are tough. They dance with the wind, rain, and animals. This makes them strong. You can learn from them and shake your plant gently. Then your plant will be happy and grow big.

Shaking your Fiddle Leaf Fig is like talking to it. It helps the plant grow better. When you touch your plant, it likes it. So, remember to shake your plant to make it strong and happy. Just like the trees in Africa do!

The Correct Way to Shake Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Taking care of your unique fiddle leaf fig plant is fun and easy. Just hold its trunk and gently move it briefly each day. This helps it grow strong, like a dance with the wind. This allows you and your tree to be good friends.

If your tree has a stick holding it up, this is even better. First, take away the stick. Then, do the gentle trunk dance. You’re like the wind, making the tree strong. In a few months, you’ll see a change: the tree stands independently, not needing help.

People share plant tips on social media, but this way really works. You don’t need to buy anything or spend lots of time. The plant will be happy and healthy. It’ll look great and show how well you and the tree get along.

How to Shake the Fiddle Leaf Figs

Shaking your fiddle leaf fig plants can help stimulate their growth and encourage stronger stems. Here’s a detailed process on how to shake your fiddle leaf figs:

Materials Needed

  1. Fiddle leaf fig plants
  1. Clean, soft cloth or brush (optional)
  1. Timer or smartphone with timer function


Choose the Right Time

The best time to shake your fiddle leaf fig plants is during their active growth period, which is typically in spring and summer. Avoid doing this during the dormant winter months.

Prepare the Environment

  • Make sure your fiddle leaf figs are potted securely in their containers to avoid tipping over.
  • Clear any obstacles around the plants that could interfere with the shaking process.

Assess the Health of the Plant

  • Before shaking, check your plants for any signs of stress, disease, or damage. Avoid shaking if the plant is already under stress.

Choose the Shaking Technique

There are two main techniques for shaking fiddle leaf figs: 

Gentle Hand Shaking

With this method, you’ll gently hold the main stem and give it a slight shake. This helps to mimic the wind’s natural movement and encourages the plant to strengthen its stem. 

Manual Movement

Alternatively, you can mimic natural movement by manually swaying the plant back and forth. Be careful not to be too vigorous, as you don’t want to damage the plant.

Execute the Shaking

  • If you’re using the gentle hand-shaking technique, hold the main stem with one hand while supporting the pot with the other. Gently move your hand back and forth to create a slight swaying motion.
  • If you’re using the manual movement technique, stand close to the plant and hold the main stem near its base. Gently move the stem back and forth to mimic the natural swaying motion caused by wind.

Monitor the Time

  • It’s recommended to shake the plant for about 2–3 minutes. You can use a timer to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Observe the Plant’s Reaction

  • After shaking, observe how the plant responds. The leaves might move or sway more freely, which is a sign that the stems are becoming stronger.

Maintenance and Regular Shaking

  • Repeat the shaking process every 4–6 weeks during the plant’s active growth period.
  • Alongside shaking, ensure your fiddle leaf figs receive proper care, including appropriate lighting, watering, and occasional fertilization.

Optional Cleaning

  • After shaking, you can gently wipe the leaves with a clean, soft cloth or brush to remove dust and promote better light absorption.

Patience is Key

  • Be patient. It might take some time to see the effects of shaking on your fiddle leaf figs. Consistency is key to the best results.

Remember that every plant is different, so monitor your fiddle leaf fig’s response to shaking and adjust the intensity and frequency accordingly.

Final Words

In conclusion, whether fiddle leaf figs enjoy being shaken prompts consideration of their natural environment and growth patterns. 

While limited research suggests that gentle movement may simulate wind and potentially encourage sturdier stems, it’s essential to approach shaking with caution to prevent damaging delicate foliage or roots. 


Can Shaking Help Fiddle Leaf Figs Grow Better? 

Shaking your fiddle leaf fig is like giving it a gentle wiggle. This makes it stronger and it leaves healthier. Shaking makes it happy and not too tall.

When Should I Give My Fiddle Leaf Fig a Shake? 

Try wiggling your fiddle leaf fig once or twice a week, not too long. Don’t shake it too much, or it might get upset. A small wiggle is like a breeze.

Does Shaking Stop Bugs on Fiddle Leaf Figs? 

Yes, shaking makes bugs go away. Bugs don’t like wiggles. Shaking makes bugs find another home. Still, look at your plant sometimes for bug signs.

Does Shaking Help Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Inside? 

Shaking inside plants makes them strong. It spreads light and makes them straight. It stops them from learning or growing funny.

When Shouldn’t I Shake My Plant? 

Don’t shake it if it’s stressed or sick. Also, no wiggles if it’s too hot or cold. Check first, then give a gentle shake.

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