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Will Snake Plant Kill My Cat | What You Need to Know?

The snake plant is awesome because it looks amazing and is super easy to take care of. Even if you’re not good at looking after plants, the Snake plant can handle it like a pro! That’s why lots of people who love plants choose this one for their homes.

The leaves of the Snake plant are like long swords and they are tough and strong. They can grow up to 2 feet long! It’s like having a mini jungle in your house!

In this article, we’ll talk about will a snake plant kill my cat. Don’t worry, we’ll give you tips on how to prevent that from happening. Your furry feline friend’s safety is super important, and we want to help you keep them safe and happy.

We’ll also talk about other indoor plants that can be harmful or safe for cats. So you can create a cozy and pet-friendly space with beautiful green plants around you.

Are Snake Plants Poisonous to Cats?

Let’s talk about something important – snake plants and cats. These plants have a special thing called Saponin that helps protect them from bad things like bugs and germs.

But here’s the thing: Snake plants can be a little dangerous for cats. That’s because they contain Saponin, which can make cats feel sick if they eat it. 

So, if you have a furry feline friend at home, it’s good to know about this.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that all parts of the snake plant, like the leaves and roots, are not safe for cats to eat. Even though some people use snake plants for medicine, it’s not safe for cats.

If a cat eats a snake plant, it might feel strange and show some signs of being sick. These signs can include drooling, throwing up, having a runny tummy, feeling very tired, or having trouble breathing. If you notice any of these things, it’s super important to take your cat to the vet right away!

To keep your cat safe, it’s a good idea to keep snake plants away from them. Taking care of our furry pals is essential, and knowing about dangerous plants can help us prevent any accidents.

What Happens if My Cat Ingests a Snake Plant?

If your cat eats a snake plant, it might taste something yucky and feel a burning feeling because of the bad stuff in the plant. Usually, cats only eat a little bit, which isn’t too bad. But be careful! If they eat a lot, it can be super dangerous for them.

Even though the plant is pretty strong, it’s not usually deadly if you act quickly and get your cat the right help. Your cat might feel sick for a couple of days, but with good care, it can get better.

Watch out for these signs if your cat eats a snake plant: they might look sad, drool a lot, have a tummy ache, not want to eat, feel like throwing up, have runny poop, or their throat and tongue could swell up.

If your cat already has other health issues or eats a lot of plants, it might get even sicker with symptoms like tummy problems, not being able to move, or shaky muscles.

If you think your cat ate a snake plant, take them to the vet right away to make sure they’re okay. Knowing the risks and acting fast can help your furry friend feel better soon. Take care of your pets!

What to do if Your Cat Eats a Snake Plant?

If you see bite marks on your plant or find your cat chewing on it, they might have munched on parts of your snake plant.

It’s essential to watch out for any signs of sickness in your cat as we talked about earlier. If you notice anything wrong, the best thing to do is take your cat to the vet for a check-up.

When you visit the vet, make sure to bring all of your cat’s medical records. These papers will help the vet figure out what made your cat sick and if there could be any other issues from eating the snake plant.

The vet might ask you about the plants you have at home and if your cat plays outside near them. It’s super important to be truthful so that the vet can help your cat in the best way possible.

During the check-up, the vet will look at your cat’s mouth and might make it throw up to get rid of any bad stuff from the plant. If the poisoning is serious, the vet might give your cat medicine to help with swelling. 

And don’t forget, giving your cat lots of water will help them heal faster.

Remember, if you ever think something’s not right with your furry friend, it’s always good to get them checked by a vet to keep them happy and healthy.

How do I Stop my Cat From Eating my Snake Plant?

There are the following ways by using you can stop eating them,

1. Take Your Snake Plant Out of the Reach of the Cats

First, find a place where your cat can’t go. Move the snake plant there. This way, your furry friend won’t be able to reach it and get into trouble.

But wait, cats can be tricky and climb to high spots. So, let’s think of better ideas! You can try hanging pots or put the plant somewhere cats can’t get to. That will keep them away from the tempting snake plant.

Now, let’s get creative! You can make a special place just for the snake plant, like a little house or cage. This way, even when you’re not around, your cats won’t be able to get to the plant and get hurt.

Remember, we want everyone to be safe and happy, including our curious cats and beautiful snake plants! So, find a safe spot or make a protective cage, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pets are out of harm’s way.

2. Make Your Snake Plant Less Appealing to the Cats

If you want to keep your snake plant safe from curious cats, I’ve got some easy tricks for you to try. Cats don’t like certain smells, and we can use that to our advantage!

First, you can use lemon peels around your plant. Cats don’t like the smell of lemons because they’re citrus fruits. 

So, just put the lemon peels near your snake plant, and the cats will stay away. But remember, don’t use strong oils from lemons, as they might hurt the snake plant.

Another way is to make a spray that cats don’t like. You can mix water with either cayenne pepper or vinegar. Spray it on the plant and reapply it regularly. When your cat smells it, it won’t want to go near the plant, and that keeps your precious plant safe!

3. Keep the Cats Engaged to Distract them

If you have a cat and want to keep it away from your cool snake plant, no worries! We’ve got some fun ideas for you. Cats can get bored and mess with your plants, but we can fix that.

First, let’s get some exciting toys for your cat. Balls, boxes, scratching posts, and plant-like playthings are awesome choices. These toys will keep your furry friend busy and happy.

When your cat has these fun toys, they’ll forget about your snake plant. Plus, these toys let them be themselves and stop them from nibbling on your plants.

Remember, every cat is different. Some like certain toys more than others. So, watch what your cat likes and give them those toys. And don’t forget to change toys now and then to keep them interested.

Here’s a cool idea! Play with your cat! Have fun together regularly. It will make your bond stronger and help your cat stay calm. When they have playtime with you, they won’t bother your houseplants anymore.

So, go ahead, have fun with your cat, and keep your snake plant safe and sound!

4. Deter Your Cats with Aluminum Foil

Let’s talk about how to keep your curious cats away from your precious plants using something simple – aluminum foil!

You know, cats love to explore and sometimes they might munch on your plants, which isn’t good for the plants or the cats. But here’s a cool trick! When you cover the soil around your plants with aluminum foil or put it under the plants, it creates a barrier that cats don’t like.

Why don’t cats like it, you ask? Well, it’s because of the foil’s texture, the way it reflects light, and the crinkly sound it makes under their paws – cats find all of that not so nice. 

So, they tend to stay away from areas where the foil is placed.

The best thing is that aluminum foil is safe for cats and plants. It just makes them feel a little uncomfortable without hurting them.

Now, make sure you cover the areas properly. Cats are smart and might find ways to sneak through any gaps or loose edges. 

Using strong aluminum foil can help with those sneaky cats!

Remember, it’s not just about keeping the cats away, but also giving them alternatives for scratching and play. 

Cats have instincts, so having scratching posts and toys in specific spots can make them happy and keep them away from your plants.

Consistency is the key here. If you keep using the foil for some time, the cats will learn that it’s not fun to be around your plants and they’ll stay away. Positive reinforcement, like praising them when they use their scratching posts and play areas, helps too.

So, with a little bit of foil and some fun play areas, you can create a happy home where both your plants and your feline friends can live happily together.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, it’s super important to be aware of the danger snake plants can pose to our cats. As responsible pet owners, we need to be on the lookout for any problems and take action when needed. 

By picking pet-friendly plants and keeping dangerous ones out of reach, we can create a safe and happy home for our lovely cats and our love for plants too. Remember, knowing what’s safe and being careful can make a big difference in keeping our furry friends healthy and happy!


Q: What happens if a cat eats the Snake Plant?

If a cat munches on the Snake Plant, it might start vomiting, get a runny tummy, drool a lot, or feel very tired. Sometimes, it might even have some small allergies.

Q: Is the Snake Plant super dangerous for cats?

Most of the time, eating the Snake Plant won’t make a cat sick, but we don’t want our furry pals to feel yucky! So if your cat shows any of these signs, it’s best to get help from a vet to be safe.

Q: If my cat ate some Snake Plant leaves! What should I do?

Don’t worry, just act fast! First, take those plant leaves away from your curious kitty. Then, keep your pet away from the plant. Next, call a vet or a pet poison helper to get advice.

Q: Can we have other pet-friendly plants instead of the Snake Plant?

Absolutely! There are lots of plants that won’t harm our feline friends. Spider plants, Boston ferns, and money plants are some good examples. Always check with trusted sources before getting new plants.

Q: Will the snake plant kill my cat?

No, it can not kill but it is toxic.

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